Workshop – Principles and best practices in data visualization

The workshop provides a short overview of the main scientific principles of data visualization and then presents good and bad practices to learn from.

Target group

This workshop is recommended for anyone who uses data visualization (charts, dashboards, visual explanations) in presentations or other aspects of his or her work. The workshop will help them to be more conscious and avoid mistakes when creating visualizations.


  • Introduction to data visualization
  • Principles of human perception
  • Quick overview of common chart types
  • Bad practices, chart junk, ethical aspects
  • Moving charts and innovative visualizations
  • Software tools for visualizations beyond Excel


There is no previous knowledge needed to attend the workshop. The workshop is held in a presentation format with lots of interactions, hence computers are not necessary.

Workshop length

2x1.5 hours


Zoltan Prekopcsak
He is founder and CEO of Radoop, a Big Data analytics company. Besides professional activities, he is researcher and lecturer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics where he teaches big data, data mining and data visualization.