Workshop – Creating data visualizations with Python


Workshop description

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an overview of what packages are available for visualization in Python (e.g. matplotlib, chaco, mayavi, vispy, and others) and to make you more familiar with the most common ones.

We will start with explaining the ecosystem of packages that are available and explain the differences. Several examples will be demonstrated. Next, we will do a short tutorial with one or two packages to give a more in-depth experience, and to allow you to experiment with the tools yourself.

Target audience

Anyone who wants to learn more about how data can be visualized in Python. Some previous coding experience is necessary. Basic Python knowledge is useful but not compulsory.


Bring your own on laptop, with at least Python, numpy and matplotlib installed if you want to try examples yourself.

Workshop length

2x1.5 hours


Almar Klein
Cybermind Interactive Nederland
Szakmai bemutatkozó